One of the most important aspects of any direct sales agent agreement is the use of the right to use the trademark of the company that the agent represents and the limitation of the use of the trademark. In addition, the details of the commission or compensation to be awarded to the direct distributor when concluding a sale must be clearly indicated in the direct distribution agreement. Direct Selling Agent (DSA) Agreement is a legal agreement between a company and an agent authorized to sell/distribute a company`s product on its behalf. You can either receive the delivery at home or download the document. For any further assistance, you can contact us at any time. . We design and provide you with the direct distribution agent agreement. Fill in your data in our simple application form. Direct selling, single method advantageous on all sides The lower section provides knowledge on the procedure of Delling Agent direct distribution agreement to help direct selling agents throughout India. The professionals of our famous law firm also offer efficient services for the elaboration of different legal documents necessary for companies, companies and organizations active in different economic sectors across India. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs of the Government of India wrote in its latest Multilevel Marketing (MLM) guidelines, which was adopted on the 9th.