On the date agreed with the customer, our authorized and uniformed employees will retrieve the documents and other information formats and transport them directly in closed vehicles to our destruction and recycling facilities, taking the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized manipulation, loss or access. Our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement for life. Locked containers must be used by the customer exclusively for the purpose of keeping confidential documents and must not be removed or used for other purposes. In case of loss or destruction of closed containers by the customer, the customer will bear all damage or loss of these containers. Closed containers provided by Neighborhood Parcel under this agreement remain the property of Neighborhood Parcel and the customer does not acquire any ownership rights in such containers. We are responsible for all damages caused by the handling of containers by Neighborhood Parcel. The cost of replacing a damaged or lost container is one hundred dollars per unit. As far as possible, the customer will respect the mutually agreed dates for the removal and destruction of the material. Neighborhood Parcel requires 24 hours` notice so as not to incur any financial costs, given Neighborhood Parcel`s critical document destruction obligations. .