Licensing agreements: creating a national structure and licensing agreements between building owners, media and advertisers with respect to the very first large-format supergraphs that encircled entire pages of buildings, including sites in Los Angeles and NYC, and required the suppression of political and public outcry. Media Service Agreements: Draft comprehensive media service agreements containing industry guidelines established by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), whose contracts are often used as models in the industry. International Media Service Agreements: worked as a local advisor for international law firms, negotiated and designed global media services contracts for multinational media companies. Financing, production and distribution agreements: guaranteeing rights to film projects for producers and production companies and providing advice on necessary financing, production and distribution agreements. Balances and option agreements: representation of several clients in sale/leaseback transactions, including the creation of option contracts. Product Integration Agreement: A draft product integration agreement between a Detroit-based automaker, a mobile phone company, and a multi-channel network for branded content programs. Sponsorship agreements: Sponsorship agreements negotiated for national advertisers at airports, theme parks, and venues, including large-scale agreements for the New York City Marathon and other high-level entertainment projects. Direct Response Marketing: Negotiate all aspects of a deal on behalf of a direct marketing agency – including conversations with talent, distributors and media – in conjunction with one of the longest and most profitable long infomercials. Digital media: consultation with a well-known multi-channel network regarding its agreements with endorsers and the impact of endorsement policies published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Whether it`s designing and negotiating agreements between advertisers, agencies and research and analysis companies, navigating complex mergers and acquisitions, enholding clients` intellectual property rights, defending before supervisory authorities or overseeing civil proceedings, Rons` lawyer is in high demand. As well as its guidelines on mobile marketing, false advertising statements, advertising, misappropriation of trade secrets and online data protection issues (including those relating to the European Union`s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act).

Data protection: advise the distributor with regard to HIPC and opt-in requirements with regard to e-commerce and related marketing campaigns. Beyond his duties as a management partner, Ron is a member of the company`s Executive and Recruitment Committee. Restructurings and foreclosures: representation of lenders and borrowers in credit restructurings, foreclosures and instrument transactions. Traditional media: representation of the direct marketing agency during the casting of the spokesperson in a highly appreciated infomercial in the fitness sector. Negotiations were conducted on issues of profit-benefits, benefits and complex compensation agreements. Ronald Camhi is a managing partner in the Los Angeles M&R office and president of the company`s dynamic Advertising & Digital Media Industry group. He represents some of the country`s largest distributors, advertising and media buying agencies, digital media companies as well as advertising and media consulting firms. In this role, Ron advises these and other industrial clients on virtually every aspect of their business. Games, competitions and competitions: advise the promotional company on the legal framework of an international competition, including its online component and issues relating to potentially “inherently dangerous” activities. Mobile marketing: advice on intellectual property and media issues related to viewers` initial opt-in requirements related to public participation through short message service (SMS) and other mobile marketing techniques….