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The Ombudsman cannot witness your case or be heard from you. The Ombudsman will listen to each side to explain their side of the story and what each party hopes to accomplish. Then, the mediator will usually discuss the matter with you while the other party waits outside the room. Then the parties will change places. The Ombudsman will pass on housing offers and concerns to the other side. The mediator will keep all requested information confidential. A liquidation or remission contract should be executed when the contract is terminated halfway through. When the tenant concludes the tenancy period mentioned in the tenancy agreement and then evacuates the leased land, there is no need to enter into a separate agreement. Maybe. If you are going to settle a case, you will have more control over the result, because a judge or jury does not listen to the evidence and decides for you.

You also have a written document that explains exactly what each person needs to do to respect the comparison. Even if you have a strong argument, you should ask yourself if a settlement is a good idea. You should think about it: please note that there will be a lawsuit only if the tenant objects to the landlord`s claims. You should speak to a lawyer if you are not sure there is a reason for a trial in your case.