Agreements ancillary to this contract or these general terms of sale must be implemented in writing to be effective. 2. Our sellers are not allowed to take oral restrictions or provide insurance beyond the written agreement. 3. Separate agreements apply to the removal of packaging. 9.2. Taxes payable for the use of ANYDESK services are paid by the agreed payment method for the order. Unless otherwise stated, invoices are immediately payable without an account. If no payment date is agreed, the delays are determined by the legal provisions.

Compensation and incidental costs are strictly stated as net non-tax and statutory taxes. 7.1. ANYDESK`s services must not be diverted; In particular, no information or content may be transferred and/or stored temporarily on ANYDESK servers that are illegal or immoral, nor the reproduction, provision, publication or use that are contrary to current legislation, third parties` rights (for example. B copyright, patents, trademark rights or data protection rights) or agreements with third parties. The customer will prevent unauthorized access by third parties to the storage of data protected by appropriate measures. Customers scan their data and information before transmitting them to viruses and other harmful components and use a state-of-the-art antivirus. In the event of a breach of the above provisions, the client is liable for the damage suffered; The customer frees ANYDESK from any third-party claim resulting from such a violation and compensates ANYDESK for any costs incurred by any rights violations. Assistance agreements are only effective if they are confirmed in writing by both parties. To be valid, all agreements, ancillary restrictions or amendments must be entered into in writing. 7.2. ANYDESK may use subcontractors to carry out its responsibilities described above, possibly indicated in the schedule to the complementary conditions for the processing of data on behalf of the client.

If applicable, ANYDESK enters into contractual agreements with these subcontractors that are in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. All ancillary restrictions before and when the contract is concluded must be confirmed in writing by us in order to be effective.