2. Stations must be installed in such a way that they do not impede the free access of personnel, vehicles and equipment from other contracting states operating on the Moon, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement or Article 1 of the Treaty on State Activities in the Exploration and Use of Space in all areas of the Moon. , including the Moon and other celestial bodies. 1. The Moon and its natural resources are the common heritage of humanity which finds expression in the provisions of this agreement, notably in paragraph 5 of this article. 2. Any State Party that has reason to believe that another State party is not fulfilling its obligations under this Convention or that another contracting state is infringing on the rights of the former State under this Convention may request consultations with that State party. A State Party that receives such a request immediately participates in these consultations. Any other State Party that requests it is allowed to participate in the consultations.

Each State Party participating in these consultations strives to resolve any controversy that is acceptable to both parties and supports the rights and interests of all States Parties, privileges and disadvantages. The Secretary-General of the United Nations is informed of the results of the consultations and communicates the information received to all interested States Parties. With the exception of Articles 17 to 21, the references in this agreement are understood to be applicable to any international intergovernmental organization conducting space activities when the Organization declares that it accepts the rights and obligations under this Agreement and if the majority of The States Parties to the Organization are parties to this Convention and the Treaty on the Principles of State Action in the Exploration and Use of Space. , including the Moon and other celestial bodies. The Member States of such an organization parties to this agreement take all appropriate measures to ensure that the Organization makes a statement in accordance with the above. (4) The construction of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any form of weapons and the behaviour of the military on the Moon are prohibited. The deployment of military personnel for scientific or other peaceful purposes is not prohibited. The use of equipment or equipment necessary for the peaceful search and use of the Moon is also not prohibited. 8. All activities relating to the Moon`s natural resources are carried out in a manner consistent with the purposes of paragraph 7 of this article and with the provisions of Article 6, paragraph 2, of this agreement.